Aquarius Review of SNICKERS – On The Hi-Fi

S N I C K E R S On The Hi-Fi(Poor L’Amour) 7″

Two new releases from this mysterious two man remote collaboration (actually not so mysterious, half the duo is in fact aQ pal Howard Ryan who also helps run the amazing local co-op bakery Arizmendi, the other being Minneapolis-based Sam Sharp), and while we thought about reviewing them separately, they really are the perfect pair, and odds are if you get one, you’re gonna want the other. The music on both releases is super lo-fi, an avant, abstract, minimal murk pop, that to these ears sounds a bit like Mercury Rev crossed with The Caretaker, wistful psychedelia, all swoonsome melodies and earnest vox, but wreathed in TONS of FX, swaths of blurred reverb, a soft focus haze that renders the whole thing washed out and fantastically faded. Gorgeous indie pop hooks are stretched to their breaking point, and caked in crackle and crunch and hiss. It’s a druggy, woozy, downer melancholia with nods to Sparklehorse, Sentridoh, the Supreme Dicks, and other home brewed pop oddities, a crystalline collection of warble and waver that we’re digging a whole lot. Both are great, so while either are worth it on their own, if you’re not beholden to a specific format, we highly recommend just grabbing both.