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smallertide – All Along The Northern Evening 12″ Vinyl

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smallertide – Crickets 7.50 W/Free shipping in the US and 13.00 international

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Byron Coley – The Wire
Nice debut single by a Minneapolis duo who use guitars, pedals and taped voice shards to muzz around in the dark in a way that reminds me of Dreams of Tall Buildings. The guitar pieces are more about texture than coherence, but they have a lovely drift (not unlike early San Augustin), and bend time as easily as some bands bend forks.

Telepathic Juan – KZSU Stanford
Crickets is the debut 7” single by Minneapolis’ Smallertide. The experimental duo uses guitars, pedals, cheap microphones, as well as field and found recordings to create their lo-fi semi-acoustic works. The compositions are brief, delicate, instrumental, and guitar-driven, with field recordings or recorded fragments from old and new TV and radio shows toward the end of each track. Similar to the S N I C K E R S 7” single, there’s no break between the track so each side could be played continuously.

Norman Records – smallertide is two guys recording reverbed guitars in front of an open window in Minneapolis. Except it sounds way more peaceful than that. Crickets meanders and breathes, birds whistling in the background, the guitars pulsing with your breath and with life in general. Soothe your desire for a full length with this wonderful 7″.